Why Grow Pacific Purple?

Leading asparagus growers and nurseries are well aware of the long-term investment required in the crop. With this in mind, it is essential to start your plantations with the best quality seeds and varietal choice.

Pacific Purple is an excellent choice of purple asparagus cultivar for production in temperate and warm climatic conditions.

Pacific Purple - Variety Specification

High quality purple asparagus spears that are low in fibre for consumption either cooked or raw in salads

Pacific Purple asparagus is also extremely sweet, making it a premium food item in the kitchen

The hybrid performs well in warm climates

The tips of the asparagus spears remain tight at heights of 25-30cm, meaning that the percentage first class product is very high

High density plantings of Pacific Purple give the best results in terms of harvest yields.  These are recommended to be within the 45-55000 plant per hectare range

For more information and technical support on Pacific Purple, please make contact with us in the usual ways.

Pacific Purple Asparagus

Pacific Purple Asparagus Fact Sheet

Pacific Purple

A leading purple asparagus hybrid suitable for temperate and warm environments.  Pacific Purple offers industry leading spear quality along with an excellent eating experience.


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