Why Grow Pacific Green?

Leading asparagus growers and nurseries are well aware of the long-term investment required in the crop. With this in mind, it is essential to start your plantations with the best quality seeds and varietal choice.

Pacific Green is a high yielding asparagus hybrid that produces the very best quality spears in warm to hot production environments.  It is quickly gaining in popularity in this type of growing location due to its exceptional tip closure.

Pacific Green Variety Specification

Industry leading spear quality that thrives in warm/hot asparagus growing locations

High yields of these spears that start in the early/mid harvesting season

The spears of Pacific Green are also all green, making the hybrid suitable for all the main asparagus market types

Seed has freedom from the most damaging viruses that can severely damage asparagus plantations

The highest yields of Pacific Green can be achieved by using 35000 plants per hectare and a depth of 15-20cm

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Pacific Green Asparagus

Pacific Green Asparagus Fact Sheet

Pacific Green

Premium quality asparagus spears combined with high yields make Pacific Green a leading variety in warm and hot growing regions.  In addition, it si an early season asparagus hybrid with an all-green spear.


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