Why Grow Guelph Equinox?

Leading asparagus growers and nurseries are well aware of the long-term investment required in the crop. With this in mind, it is essential to start your plantations with the best quality seeds and varietal choice. Guelph Equinox is a new asparagus hybrid that is likely to set new standards in terms of yield and quality. It performs best in cool or temperate growing regions and has exceptionally uniform spears. This uniformity of medium sized diameter will potentially mean that the spears of Guelph Equinox can be harvested, sorted and packed more quickly than other varieties. 

Guelph Equinox - Variety Specification

  • Guelph Equinox is an early-mid season hybrid that offers its best levels of performance in climatic regions that are temperate or cool
  • It has exceptionally uniform spears, particularly in terms of diameter. This trait means that it has the potential to reduce labour costs in harvesting and packing
  • The yields of Guelph Equinox have been widely tested as very high in replicated trials. In addition, the hybrid produces these yields early in the life of the field plantations
  • Fern vigour and health are also improvements on industry asparagus standard types
  • Consult us for more information on seed supply and technical support
Guelph Equinox Asparagus

Guelph Equinox Asparagus Fact Sheet

Guelph Equinox

High yielding asparagus cultivar that is suited to cultivation in cool and temperate environments. Guelph Eclipse has been released due to its all-round yield and quality benefits offered to growers.


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