Introducing Our Asparagus Hybrids

This is a unique range of asparagus varieties that is ideal for optimum performance in various production environments. As a nursery, you can benefit from this opportunity by offering your growing customers a wide range of choice for their differing production systems. Growers across the world can select the ideal hybrid for their environment. You can contact us to discuss your individual growing situation and we will be happy to advise which of our varieties is best suited.

The Benefits of the Asparagus Range from Global Plant Genetics

By choosing Global Plant Genetics as your partner in asparagus seeds, your business will benefit in a number of areas:

  • Early access to new asparagus varieties
  • Supply of certified asparagus seeds
  • Access to high quality plant material from a network of leading asparagus nurseries 
  • Contract produced asparagus crowns 
  • Innovative plug plant solutions grown on contract 
  • Technical support from leading asparagus industry specialists
  • Business planning for new asparagus ventures  

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