Vittorio White Asparagus - 2020 Season Update

We have recently visited a number of sites growing the asparagus variety Vittorio for white production. We continue to be impressed with its all-round performance.
Vittorio White Asparagus - 2020 Season Update

Some of the variety’s highlights include the following:

  • Early season production
  • Even medium-sized spear diameter
  • Exceptionally high yields
  • Closed tips
  • Attractive white colour
  • Excellent flavour through very low fibre levels

At a time when it is difficult to stand out in comparison to a range of other excellent hybrids, it is the eating quality of Vittorio that is really making a significant difference for consumers, produce businesses and therefore, growers.To continue to grow the market for white asparagus, it is extremely important that the consumer has an eating experience that makes them want to buy more of the product. Vittorio delivers in this aspect more than any other white asparagus hybrid we have tried.

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