New Generation Green Asparagus Hybrid - Guelph Equinox

Released after years of in-depth research, we are delighted to introduce to the market the new Guelph Equinox asparagus variety. It is qualified as having a level of Class 1 Asparagus spears previously unseen. This is as a result of its unrivalled spear uniformity, long, smooth spears and tight tips even in warm growing environments.
New Generation Green Asparagus Hybrid - Guelph Equinox

Taking Green Asparagus Production to New Heights

Bred in the Continental climate of Ontario, Canada by the University of Guelph, the hybrid performs best in temperate and cool growing environments. The uniformity of medium sized diameter will potentially mean that the spears of Guelph Equinox can be harvested, sorted and packed more quickly than other varieties. It is a very high yielding asparagus cultivar and in addition, the hybrid produces these yields early in the life of the field plantations. Guelph Equinox is part of a new generation of hybrids that has improved spear qualities coupled with increased yields over previously standard types for green asparagus.

Levels of Class 1 Asparagus Spears Previously Unseen

Guelph Equinox has very high-quality spears of medium diameter and very tight tips in warm growing environments. Guelph Equinox is a male hybrid, F1 type and the seeds are produced in a protected environment. The hybrid is suitable for all main green asparagus market types and it is used especially for the fresh market due to its excellent all-round spear quality.

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