Green Asparagus Hybrids Delivering Next Generation Performance

One of the key parts of testing and developing new asparagus varieties is that, just like the commercial itself, it takes time to check for ultimate field performance. The downside to this is that improved hybrids take longer to reach market, but on the positive side, it means that their performance is well-proven in advance. In addition, it means that those people lucky enough to be working with this new material get to sample its delights on an annual basis before release to the commercial world.
Green Asparagus Hybrids Delivering Next Generation Performance

At Global Plant Genetics, we are really fortunate because we are deeply involved in a whole range of top-level asparagus developments, from existing commercial varieties, to new cultivars that have just been released, all the way back to brand-new hybrids that are being tested for the first time.

We are particularly excited by the performance of two green hybrids that have been labelled as part of the “next generation” of asparagus varieties. These are Guelph Eclipse and Guelph Equinox.

From the same stable as the world-renowned Guelph Millennium asparagus cultivar, the new types are delivering appreciable improvements over industry standard varieties. Key areas of superior performance are in terms of marketable yields, spear quality, uniformity and early season harvest.

Seed volumes have been extremely limited in the past two seasons, but both are being increased to meet the demand that is already being created.

Stay tuned to Global Plant Genetics for the latest developments in asparagus and berry varieties.

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