Sowing the Seeds of Success

Asparagus seeds are at the very heart of the Global Plant Genetics business. Growers all over the globe can benefit from access to an industry leading portfolio of hybrids. These varieties will deliver sustained high performance in asparagus crops through high yields and excellent quality. Cutting edge technical advice also allows asparagus growers and nurseries to reach the maximum potential from each of the company’s varieties.

Delivering Asparagus Seeds to Drive Your Growth

  • Unrivalled range of asparagus seeds to suit your growing location anywhere in the world
  • Full range of colours (green, white and purple)
  • Specialist varieties that enable you to cater for your niche market sectors
  • Agronomic support so that you can improve your growing systems and results
  • Wealth of industry experience and passion for the asparagus crop to help your business deliver profitable innovation
  • If you want results for your asparagus business, we can offer you a full package of premium varieties, high quality seeds and all-encompassing technical support
Jamie Petchell asparagus expert

Meet the Expert

Jamie Petchell

Jamie Petchell

Jamie Petchell is co-owner and asparagus specialist within Global Plant Genetics. His knowledge of the asparagus crop is well renowned across the world as is his ability to deliver growing and marketing solutions to leading producers. He has specialist knowledge in the development of new asparagus hybrids and works with nurseries and growers to bring these to market. He has worked with several hundred asparagus hybrids in all the growing Continents over the globe. Jamie particularly enjoys working in asparagus trials and identifying new hybrids for full commercialisation.

Sowing The Seeds Of Success