European Nurseries Producing More Guelph Asparagus Plant Material

The latest asparagus hybrids from the well-renowned program based in Canada have proven to be incredibly popular with growers and nurseries across the world. Seed of the varieties, Guelph Eclipse and Guelph Equinox, is already sold out for the season. Commercial seed production is in its second year for Guelph Eclipse and there are also increasing volumes of Guelph Equinox. However, despite these additional seed volumes, they have been snapped up in record time.
European Nurseries Producing More Guelph Asparagus Plant Material

Global Plant Genetics, based in the UK, represents the breeding program in Europe. Jamie Petchell, asparagus specialist at the company, stated, “Both scientific testing and commercial trial blocks have already and continue to demonstrate the abilities of these new hybrids. They offer numerous advantages over industry standard types. These benefits are the reason that all seed stocks of both varieties have already been taken up by nurseries and growers across a whole range of territories.”

The next opportunity for seed supply of Guelph Eclipse and Guelph Equinox will be in early spring 2019. Before that though, the company will be working with growers across Europe that have both test plots and commercial plantations in full harvest this year. Petchell continued, “We are excited to visit those companies with these hybrids planted in order to see the continued impressive performance in both open field and protected production. Both hybrids are early season producers with industry-leading spear quality traits. Guelph Eclipse a little thicker in terms of spear diameter and is also on test for white asparagus production.”

Seed of Guelph Millennium, the industry standard late green asparagus hybrid, is still available for this spring.

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